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IDUF is envisioned as the voice of the drug using communities from across the country. It is a National level forum that endeavours to promote the meaningful involvement of people who use drugs in policy and program development. The core belief behind the formation of IDUF is that people who use drugs (PUD) living in various parts of the country coming together with one voice can make a bigger impact on the current scenario of drug related issues, and can work more effectively towards creating a better environment for people who use drugs. IDUF’s mission is to enhance a process of social and political change with an objective to establish, promote and strengthen the rights, dignity, social status, and improvement of the quality of life of all people who use drugs.

Since its establishment in 2010, IDUF has been able to link with key stakeholders, donors as well as regional & International community networks like ANPUD, INPUD, APN+ 7 Sisters Coalition etc and have been working closely with them and receiving support and resourcing for key activities at the national and state/provincial levels. IDUF is also currently receiving financial support from INPUD & ANPUD and has been able to mobilize resources especially for key advocacy and policy interventions.


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